Friday, June 19, 2015


Where 'Through the Woods' ended, the real story begins... 

Out of an entire litter of dangerously telekinetic felines, two cats alone remain. Deinonychus, bent on domination, has been adopted by an apathetic mother and her overly-enthusiastic little girl. Without the live food or freedom to wield his power, he is going slowly mad with boredom and is furious at how useless he feels. His powers might be dried up until he can bathe them in blood once more, but his cunning and ruthlessness have not deserted him, and he waits and watches for his chance to slip out the door. 

Leviticus, the runt of the litter but with a deep and sleeping power coveted by his malicious brother, feels at peace with his new adoptive family, the Redcliffes, and feels that, for the first time, his life makes sense. Unfortunately, the calm isn't permitted to last long. 

Fresh NUCPA agent Ben Chesterton, a former supply clerk promoted after proving himself resourceful in the events of THROUGH THE WOODS, teams up once more with his old boss Rick Hathaway to track down the escaped felines. Unfortunately for the team, the NUCPA group aren't the only people aware of what's at stake. 

Navigating a web of treachery and violence, the team try to track down the cats before the rivalry erupts into unrestrained mayhem, but with the fate of the Twin Cities-and perhaps beyond-in the balance, when is exactly has it become 'too late?' 

The circle of influence for each cat expands as they gain control of their own powers, but will Leviticus find the inner strength to withstand the trials ahead? 

A murderous lunatic, a bloodthirsty cat of demonic abilities, and a ruthless espionage organization converge on the unsuspecting Redcliffe family, the gentle but nearly omnipotent Leviticus, and the in-over-their-heads team of Ben and Rick in a battle against time, power, and fate.

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