Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Signed Copies of 'Robbed of Sleep' (and 'Critical Incident,' AND 'Strange Way Out,' and more)

It's time to put some neat signed copies back up on the block. Do we hear a 'Gimme, gimme, gimme?!'

First up is the newest paperback, the 9-author, 18-story anthology I edited (and contributed two stories to), the aptly titled 'ROBBED OF SLEEP: STORIES TO STAY UP FOR.' I have six of these beauties available on hand and can get more within a week. This offering is, unfortunately, only signed by me and not the other eight contributors.


Shipping Destination

But it doesn't end there. I have the following on hand:

2 New Edition copies of 'Critical Incident'
1 Old Edition of 'Critical Incident' - You can't get this anywhere else! Laugh at how bad the first ed. was!
8 copies of 'Strange Way Out'
2 First Edition
4 copies of 'For Those With Eyes to See'

All of these will be personally signed to you, by me. To make things easy, I'm just going to be charging a flat rate of $8.99 for each book, plus shipping. Type in the name of the book or books that you want, and then set the quantity on the next page to match that number of books.


Shipping Destination
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