Saturday, July 13, 2013

Reviews for 'Strange Way Out'

20 Reviews: 13 Five-Star & 7 Four-Star

Today marks one and a half months since the release of my Kindle exclusive 'long' short story 'Strange Way Out.' I'm pleasantly surprised to find that it is receiving positive reviews at a faster rate than anything I've ever written before. Here's just a smattering of what people are saying.

"Intense," "crazy awesome," "strange and fantastic," and even plain old "good," people felt this story had a "fast pace," a "sense of urgency," and let "you into the mind" of its characters. What kind of mind? "Strange," agreed several people.

'Strange Way Out' is the story of Sammy, a man 'having a really bad day. He's been arrested, chased by `Men in Black' with chainsaws, locked in a bunker,' but is it because the world is closing in on him, or because of choices he has made himself? As he attempts to make sense of his situation, he meets 'a girl who could kick ass,' goes through 'an explosive jail-break, a mad chase by chainsaw-wielding maniacs,' and even, after 'an outlandish flight... finally finds himself.'

It might not be what you usually read, or what you expected - but it's edgy, fresh, and appealing in addition to having a 'deliriously satisfying Hitchcockian ending.' It 'takes you from one corner to the other and pile drives you at the end,' with 'characters that come to vivid life,' 'many standout lines,' and 'wide eyed wonder' along the way.

So do what you know to be right: read 'Strange Way Out' today!

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