Friday, June 14, 2013

Published StorySpotlight: 'Hanging Weight' - June 2013 issue of the 'Over My Dead Body!' Mystery Magazine

This is my latest story to be published, though it was written a little over a year ago. I'll let Chuck explain his behavior in his own words. As 'they' are so fond of saying, "you be the judge."

It has been printed in the Over My Dead Body! Mystery Magazine, which features book and movie reviews and interviews in addition to fiction. Please check it out.

So here is 'Hanging Weight,' an opportunistic tale of frozen cows and vehicular damage.


  1. Great read. Leaves me wanting more from this author.

  2. That tale is pure Blackford, Troy!
    I hope you're going to record an audiobook version of it too!
    When i read it, it was your voice i heard in my head. Well, one of your many voices!
    Great stuff, as always!

  3. This tale has "Blackford" written right through the centre of it, Troy!
    I hope you'll be doing an audiobook version, because when i read it, i hear your voice narrating it. Well, one of your many voices!
    Great stuff, as always!

  4. Sorry for the more or less duplicate post, Troy. My router went down, and i wasn't sure if it had posted or not. Damn technology! *shakes fist*

  5. Great stuff! You wife must be terrified into a state of good behavior. lol

  6. Wow. Good stuff.

    You're good with logistics.

    Now write one about successfully making an ex disappear.

    On a budget.

    I can give you height, weight, fighting ability information, and proximity to parks, if that would help.

    Also, if anybody asks, this conversation never happened.

  7. Great stuff! The best is that you don't overdo it, straight to the happy end. Of course the next story might be about the clever sleuth who asks you how the hell you knew you would have all the place to yourself that night and set a bbq... Love it.