Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Signed Paperback Copies of 'For Those With Eyes to See'

If you're like a typical mountain goat, you can't read. If you're like a typical person who comes to this site, you love reading. Either way, you'll want a signed copy of 'For Those With Eyes to See,' my new short story collection. 

If you're a literate human, you'll want to feast your brain on the delicious mindscapes of otherworldly insanity that fill its pages. If you're a goat, you'll want to ruminate its fiber-filled goodness in your multi-chambered stomach. It's win-win, whether you be cloven of hoof or wiggly of toe.

So, make your purchase below and avail yourself of one of the many fine uses for this attractive, well-laid out, and above all scrumptious new short story collection. Is right thing to do. And so do.


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