Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Release: 'They Who Cry Out Seek to be Heard' Audiobook on In Ear Entertainment

Is this just an annoying busride, or hell itself? 
Is that just an oven, or a witch's curse? 
Is this a normal job interview, or a death sentence? 
Ice maker, or long-lost friend?

How can some weird kid the size of a building know everything you know about him? 
How can a college orientation turn into a kidnapping on the high seas? 
How can a bad review left online spiral out of control?

Get the new short-story collection audiobook 
'They Who Cry Out Seek to be Heard' 
with a discount using a coupon code, before May 9th. 

It's no secret that I love a good audiobook. Anything that gives you a chance to pump books directly into your ear during those times when it would be rude or impossible to read (while driving, mowing the lawn, attending weddings, etc.) is a gift.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I was offered an opportunity to work with the fantastic In Ear Entertainment to produce an audiobook of my own stories. I was even more thrilled when I heard the finished results. Two incredible voice actors, Katy Jane and Charlie Elliott, split the collection of creepy, weird, or otherwise unstable stories between them.

You can get this nearly two-hour audiobook for $5.50£3.50, or €4.20, depending on your region. But if you grab your copy before May 9th, you can save 75 cents, 50 pence, or 60 euro-centiemes (or whatever the heck they are called... cubits?) with these handy coupon codes: 

earlybirdus (Click here to open the US product page
earlybirduk (Click here to open the UK product page)
earlybirdeu (Click here to open the EU product page)

I hope you'll check out 'They Who Cry Out Seek to be Heard' - my first entry into the audiobook realm, and also the first publishing venture of In Ear Entertainment. It won't be their last, and with luck it won't be my last either.

UPDATE: Grab the audiobook by May 9th, and you will be entered for a chance to win a brand new pack of collectable Super Mario buttons. Details here.

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