Friday, May 31, 2013

RELEASE: 'Strange Way Out'

The wait some of you were aware of is over! My new Kindle 'long' short story, 'Strange Way Out,' is now available.

Only .99 cents, .77 pence, or similar smattering of whatever the smallest unit of currency in your home country might be called, this 'novelette' is too long to be a short story, too short to be a novella, and too tempting a read for you to pass up.

From the description: 

Sammy is a man with problems. Most of the time, he doesn't remember what day it is, what town he lives in, or even what he's doing on a day-to-day basis.

Sammy's worst problem is that all his other problems are his own fault. He's twenty-six, has no job, and lives with his mom - and he spends all his efforts trying to hide his dark secrets from the world... and from himself.

One day, during a routine trip to commit mail fraud, his life takes a turn for the weird. What is for him a normal morning becomes the strangest situation he has ever faced: and it only snowballs from there.

But is his day merely strange, or is it a 'Strange Way Out?'

Along the way, he meets a new friend, is forced to confront his darkest secrets, and faced with a choice: keep his secrets inside, to rot him from the inside out, or expose his truth for the world to see and judge.

A fight for survival in every sense - physical, emotional, and spiritual - 'Strange Way Out' is a story of one young man's dawning realization that he has a part to play in his own life, and his struggle to find the courage to play that part as best he can, for better or worse, in the face of seemingly unnatural terrors and all too human threats to his existence. 

Read 'Strange Way Out' today - or tomorrow. Or this weekend. But buy it today, no matter when you read it. The fate of the universe probably doesn't depend on it - but if it does, you can feel good knowing you saved all life on Earth. 

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