Monday, May 6, 2013

Horror. Artistic Patronage. Terror. Patriotism?

Mark Chatterley, the mastermind behind In Ear Entertainment, has explored a very interesting trend regarding my brand new audiobook over on the In Ear website (Click Here) Do you think there is any proof to this theory?

Do you think that the UK is inherently more supportive of up and coming authors than the US? Or indeed, of authors in general? Mark points out that the UK publishes 60% more books a year than the US, something I didn't know. Now I know which country to send my manuscripts to.

Check out the article, check out the audiobook, and weigh in on Twitter with what side you're in. If, indeed, you even take sides: perhaps you are like Tolkien's Ents.

Whatever your disposition, we're interested in hearing from you on this vital matter.

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