Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fans Speak Out about 'Emergent Pattern'

You probably wouldn't like 'Emergent Pattern.' It's scary, intense, oppressive, and filled with bad, bad people. It's stuffed with awful situations and terrible dilemmas. It's not for people who want to read about comfortable situations and the complacent, happy people who find themselves in them.

With 17 four-and-five star reviews on Amazon, 'Emergent Pattern' (US / UK) continues the action/crime trilogy that began with 'Critical Incident.' 

The reader is dropped right into the action from the first page, with a story that grabs one by the throat and starts shaking from the outsetA shadow world of dystopian, power-hungry despots that run a very profitable crime syndicate comes out of the woodwork for revenge in this thriller, which is filled with excellent, in-depth characterizationtight plot, and crisp dialog

Smart, professional, ruthless villians are bent on destroying everything good about the city and their residents. Using excellent play of words and puns, and continuous switch in points of view that add to the intensity of the storytech geniuses, good cops, excellent agents, and regular people prove that survival and empathy can turn us all into heroes

In a second installment that shows that the author is constantly honing his skills as a writer, in which the reader experiences a much more ambitious setup and execution than the first book. Exhibiting the fast-paced action that is the hallmark of the series, 'Emergent Pattern' is a quirky and memorable, immersive and exciting novella with strong female characters

Read 'Emergent Pattern' today, and prepare for the final installment of the trilogy, coming this summer: 'Inimical Outcome.'

'Emergent Pattern' is the second novella in the trilogy which began
with 'Critical Incident' and concludes in the Summer with 'Inimical Outcome.'

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