Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Writing Tools: Helpful Quota Tracker

I've created a handy Excel workbook for those looking to maximize their writing potential. It is a Quota Tracker, helping you hit your weekly word count targets for writing, and manuscript page counts for editing.

To download it, just click here

All you need to do is set your goals in the yellowy-green cells, and enter your work in the blue cells. The white cells automatically update to show you how many words/pages you have left that week, the average amount of words/pages you would need to hit your goal, your total so far, and how far you've gone over, if applicable.

Hopefully this will help others, but it will certainly help me. So it can't be all bad!


  1. Nice tool. Would my daily quota still be met if say it was set at 2000 words but I ended up editing that down to 1200 usable words? Guess I would still count that, but curious as to how you do it.

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