Monday, February 25, 2013

'That's When You Know You're Doing Something Right'

‘That’s When You Know You’re Doing Something Right’
by Troy Blackford

“Paul?” Monica asked. Tentatively, still not a hundred percent certain. “Paul Whirpol?”

The coffeeshop did not screech to a halt. People did not wheel their heads and stare. Things clanged along much as they had before. She caught her breath. The man she had addressed twisted back in his seat, quickly ‘alt-tabbed’ the program window he was working on away, and spun the chair around to face her.

His distrustful eyes squinted behind thick lenses set in a thin metal frame. His expression reminded Monica of a cartoon mole. Monica thought she might actually have found her target.

A moment elapsed, and a flicker seemed to pass over the stubbly-faced young man’s eyes. The expression on his pock-marked face hardened, became artificial.

“I beg your pardon?” he asked in what he seemed to imagine was a mild voice.

Her tone more assured, she repeated. “Paul Whirpol?”

The man wrinkled his nose, making him look even more like a vaguely anthropomorphic cartoon burrowing animal. “Of course, I know who Paul Whirpol is: the famous media blogger.”

Is Paul Whirpol worth confronting? Is Monica's indignation caused by something deeper than disliking a mole-like dude's blog? Can cigarettes kill people without being lit? Find out the answers to these questions, and so much more, in the conclusion of 'That's When You Know You're Doing Something Right,' only in my short story collection 'For Those With Eyes to See' in Kindle and Paperback.


  1. Excellent, Troy! It's 4.05AM here, i haven't slept yet and i have to get up at 6.30AM, but i'm wide awake and loved reading that! I managed to upload a new short story too.

  2. Great story! Grim and nice close at the end.

    1. "You're starting to" ha, ha! Deliciously creepy. :-)

  3. I love your tales, so intrigueing. Thanks for another great read

  4. Very nicely written. It got ahold of me and sweet talked me into the alleyway.

  5. Really cool! I can relate to anonymity being important. You write very well and your style keeps you reading. I too lead a bit of a double life, though in reality Gardinier would use Tor or a VPN to hide his IP, and register for a domain in a fake name. Or maybe he doesn't know about them. He seems arrogant annd ruthless...scary!

    Kalika Gold, VirginWhore (Diary of a VirginWhore)

  6. Brilliant. Loved "You're starting to." Ruthless character. (@flsxo)

  7. You'd think he'd be better at masking his IP, too. Amateur. :) (@chadness7)

  8. Concise and to the point. Really enjoyed this @gemchid

  9. First one of your stories I have read and thoroughly enjoyed it. Made me wonder about when I post to online forums and I see trolls and haters writing garbage, going to make me more suspicious in future! Loved the character of Whirpol, reminded me a lot of an ex boss through his description, sounded identical! Great use of language, and it flowed really well. Am off to read more stories! Matt - Twitter User (@GleeChord)

  10. With all that money, he could own a server and use floating IPs. Definite amateur. ;D (@JaneTanfei)

  11. After discovering our mutual appreciation of Mr. Hill, I had to check out your writing. Dark and sardonic -- I like it! You must have some experience being frustrated with both internet malcontents as well as bots -- I know I have.
    When you get a chance, drop by my blog sometime, I think you'll find something you'll enjoy. Here's a recent story: