Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Published StorySpotlight - 'Object' in Garbled Transmissions Magazine

This week, we examine 'Object' - an unsettling short story featured on Garbled Transmissions Magazine.

Out of my published short stories, this might be one of the most horrific. Many of the published stories are on the lighter side compared to this story. Unlike 'Running Out of Wax,' another published example of a darker work in a winter setting, this tale isn't told from the perspective of an insane person.

Instead, Patrick, the character featured in this story, is an ordinary person: far too ordinary to deal with a confrontation with the unknown.

Click here to read 'Object' at Garbled Transmissions Magazine

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  1. Nice. Wonderful description. Had me there. Can't wait to read more.
    (@daizie_825 came via twitter)