Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Published StorySpotlight - 'Hearing Voices' in Issue 515 of Bewildering Stories

This week's, we examine the just-published-yesterday 'Hearing Voices,' featured in Issue 515 of Bewildering Stories. As always, feel free to skip the explanation and head straight to the story.

I'm very proud to have gotten this picked up by Bewildering Stories. They are a great showcase of speculative fiction, and I recommend you poke about their site.

I wrote at the end of last March, and finished it at the beginning of April. It went through two more initial revisions  - in July and then in November - during the course of its quest for both maximum effect and publication. After the last revision, it received three more waves of 'touching up,' with major parts added and certain points clarified.

In the end, it is what it is: the story of a man who becomes disillusioned with his hobby at the most ironic possible time.

To read 'Hearing Voices' in Issue 515 of Bewildering Stories, click here.