Sunday, February 10, 2013

'Procompsognathus Rap' - Video 2 in the February Dinosaur Challenge

Video 2 is here - this one exploring the world of the Procompsognathus.


Sorry kids, don't know how you'll take this
Even though no representative samples have been frozen in stasis
No good examples to present to your faces
I'm still going to rap about the Procompsognathus

About the size of a chicken but with claw-tipped arms
It brought Triassic insects to considerable harm
Also had a long tail, quite unlike a turkey
Dry in-land environs is where it'd most likely be lurking

Walked around on two feet in the dawn of the dinos
About the size of those birds that ate the bugs off of rhinos
So the next time you're stuck in one of those high speed chases
Thank the stars you aren't behind evolutionary bars
Like the extinct Procompsognathus!


  1. Pure win. This needs to be put into natural history classes. Immediately.

  2. I see a children's dinosaur book in the offing, Troy. Educational and with an injection of humour in the narrative to hold the young readers' interest.