Friday, February 1, 2013

February Dinosaur Auto-Rap Challenge

I'm on a saurischian mission, itchin' to ossify your tendons back into submission.

Or something. The fact of the matter is: I have a February challenge to present you - my lovely, wise, and perceptive readers. For every five books I sell (Kindle Lending Library 'Borrows' count, too) in February, I'll make an 'Auto-Rap' video about a different dinosaur species. If I had been doing this in January, I would have had to do almost thirty-three videos. I don't anticipate that level of bookage to occur this month, but I wouldn't mind!

Update: Collected links to videos added to bottom of this post as they occur.

So, if you want me to talk about burning more carbs than a Tarbosaurus in clogs, packing more stuff into storage than a horde of orange pachycephalosaurs, or the such, your choice is simple.

I have three available releases -

'Critical Incident' (US Link / UK Link)
'Emergent Pattern' (US Link / UK Link)
(the first two of an action-packed trilogy of insane, over-the-top crime/action novellas)


'Through the Woods,' (US Link / UK Link) a novel-length horror thriller centering around cats.

They are all available in Kindle or Paperback from Amazon. With 1,409 named dinosaur species, I'm willing to take this as far as you guys are.

It isn't all charity - my books have gotten great reviews. You can see on the right sidebar. So you have very little to lose - and all I have to lose is my self-respect as I potentially churn out dinosaur rap after dinosaur rap.

Do it for the kids. Do it for the paleontological knowledge I could drop on you in musical form. Above all, do it for the books. The freak, freaky books.

It's win-win-win.



I'm going to provide a collection of links to all the produced dinosaur videos right here.

Video 1 - Struthiomimus - The dino-offspring of the ostrich and gazelle.
Video 2 - Procompsognathus - Tiny, chicken like dino.

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  1. How do you make so words so darn funny - amusing - suck in ability - gotcha moment. I'm probably on my way to buy books - the big slide into financial instability because of so much book buying. You are an addiction.