Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Three Days of Free 'Critical Incident' on Kindle

To launch the new '2nd Digital Edition' of 'Critical Incident,' in which I have removed many of the typos and slighly re-worded some of the text to be less... stupid I think is the word I am looking for, I have set up an Amazon promotion to distribute the book for free from January 15th through 17th. If you've already been kind enough to purchase the Kindle edition of Critical Incident, a crime/thriller novella of no fixed hairstyle, please consider erasing it from your Kindle and re-downloading it to get the new edition. It will always be free to update for those who have already purchased.

Now, for the links. The book is available worldwide, so if you don't see your particular Amazon store listed, try checking by going to your country's Amazon store and searching 'Troy Blackford Critical Incident.' Thanks a lot!

And remember, you can use http://read.amazon.com (or your country's equivalent) to read Kindle books on any browser!

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Amazon Japan - Amazon France -  Amazon Italy - Amazon Spain

Tell you what - the word 'Amazon' starts to look weird by the ninth or tenth time you write it in a row. Anyway, if you're in the mood for a crazy action adventure with a heavy dose of mystery and a severe overdose of weird, you can dip into the 'Critical Incident' universe for free today and tomorrow. The second part of the trilogy, 'Emergent Pattern,' is already out, and the third part is just a few months off.

If you're still not willing to take the plunge on a novella length work even though it's free, try reading the 'Critical Incident' side-story short right here on my site: 'Promising Candidate.'


  1. Dang, Man! Now you know I don't Kindle. I feel cheated! But I luvs ya anywho.

  2. I don't kindle either but I think it's a good idea to get your work known - word of mouth is important

  3. Thanks! I'm looking forward to reading it.

  4. Thank-you for the free copy!

  5. Then Kindle, Karen. It's a free app. It's not called cheating when you're cheating yourself.