Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Published Story Spotlight: 'Seeing the World for Pennies a Day' in Epiphany Magazine

Today we take a look at the first of my short stories to be published by an online journal, the mystical romp 'Seeing the World for Pennies a Day.' No brutal murders, no terrifying monstrosities - just a fellow telling you about his strange, strange life.

Printed in the October 2012 issue of Epiphany Magazine, this story features some made-up buzzwords like 'trans-location' and 'cat.' I wrote it in a single day last April, during a time when I first began attempting to write as many short stories as possible. Neither hugely polished or thematically deep, it nevertheless is a fun little story.

To read this unique tale, click here.


  1. not bad,not bad at all. kinda cool

  2. Loved your short story, im a avid reader, in chronic pain. Keep those great stories coming, please and thank you