Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Signed, Paperback Copies of 'Through the Woods'

Swat a yarnball of terror with mental claws - sink your fangs into fear! Okay, enough hyperbole, but the time is finally come to get your own paperback copy of 'Through the Woods,' and you can get it on my site a dollar cheaper than anywhere else, with my signature made out to whomsoever you wish.

On the subject of taking advantage of this offer, I quote Saruman: "It would be wise, friend."

Personalized Message/Signed by Author
'Through the Woods'
by Troy Blackford

Shipping Destination:
Signed for:

'Through the Woods' is the story of one young man, his e-cig chugging boss, a handful of strange cats, and enough action, adventure, and thrills to last a lunchtime. You don't want to miss out on these lovely paperbacks with remixed covers and a lovely layout. All made by the man himself, so cut out those middlevendors and get your signed copy here!

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