Friday, October 26, 2012

'Through the Woods' Release - 'A View of the Park' Online

Big day in Blackford-land, boys and girls! I'm pleased to say that my paranormal cat horror-thriller-suspense-action-drama is ready for your perusal:

US Amazon Store

UK Amazon Store

I'm very excited to be releasing this, just three days before the first anniversary of starting on it.

If you look over in the sidebar, you'll notice a new story added to the 'Short Stories Available Digitally' section - the very 'don't-read-aloud-to-your-kids' "A View of the Park."

I was very fortunate to have gotten this piece into the premier issue of Roadside Fiction, a great new outfit exploring 'realistic yet outrageous' fiction. Unfortunately for the weak of heart, my story fits that bill. And no, it's not violent or horrific. So... you've been warned.

Also, I'm pleased to report that we gave away over 1,300 copies of 'Critical Incident,' the crime novella that launches off a trilogy of insane crime novellas, in the last five days. I hope at least a fraction of those people enjoy it! Thanks everybody for making this month so mondo-jampacked but 'Super Effective' for me.

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  1. Hope the 1300 freebie dudes BUY your new one. It's only £3:95 total bargain. Cheaper than the Cosmoploitan I had at lunch today!