Friday, October 12, 2012

Through the Woods Approaches

This has been a crazy week for me in terms of how much stuff I have done, and I have much left to accomplish. I just wanted to let everybody in on a little milestone - today is exactly two weeks to the day before my next novel 'THROUGH THE WOODS' releases on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback, and I think that calls for a toast. Cinnamon, preferably.

My novella 'Critical Incident' has done way better than I would have ever guessed when I saw that dirty guy muttering on my way to the bus stop and had the idea for the story. Why not check it out (US Link / UK Link) before the new psychic cat thriller comes out? You can say you read my stuff back before my third cat book was released.

I've added links to all my available stories - either here, in print, or elsewhere on the web - over on the side, in addition to listing my full-length releases. I'll be sure to keep this updated so that folks who stumble onto this site can quickly grasp that I am a writer. You'd be shocked at how often people online ask me if I'm a writer. Clearly an indictment of my marketing skills.

Lastly, next week will be ringing in some good solid October awesomeness with Volume 2 of 'Thoughts from Actual People' - and in the newly minted tradition of a riddling hint, I will leave you with this guess as to who the interview is with.

Let's just say that finding the proper soundtrack to this interview would be welcome, without leaving you feeling uprooted!


  1. Cool! Goodluck with the remaining two weeks. Sure it's going to be an awesome read. Very catchy title, I must add. :)

  2. exciting and bust fortnight coming up. so looking forward to Through the Woods which, thanks to your timely reminder I will read in the cosy company of good coffee and CINNAMON TOAST!! ages since I had cinnamon toast. See- not JUSTa writer, a writer with great taste in snackfood :-))