Friday, October 19, 2012

It's 'Critical' that we get 'Through' this Interview

Today, I sit down with myself in a parody of all the recent interviews I've been doing. This actually didn't require too much alteration of my schedule - I was already sitting down.

There's a certain degree of timeliness involved in this important interview. This is because there is precisely one week until the release of my first widely-available full-length novel, 'Through the Woods.' Each day that goes by is one less day the world can truly claim to be uninfested by my upcoming paranormal cat adventure. This clearly won't do - I have to jump start the decay of all literature world-wide by throwing out some hints about my upcoming novel.

But just telling you about the scary cat book that isn't out yet would be, frankly, a cop-out. I have a novella-length story available to you in Kindle format right now entitled 'Critical Incident' (US Link / UK Link) - launching in Paperback format on October 26th alongside the Kindle and Paperback editions of 'Through the Woods.' Only by telling you about both works, my captors explain, can I escape this repurposed septic tank and get on with my life.

'Critical Incident' began life as my reaction to a muttering, shabbily-clad middle-aged man with frizzy, graying, greasy hair and fingerless gloves which had clearly not started out life that way. He was clutching a piece of paper hard enough to bend it into an unartful origami wad, and as he passed me going the other way on the sidewalk, he muttered urgently to himself, consulting this piece of paper every two to three seconds as though he was worried he might have forgotten whatever it was he had just read there.

"That's odd," I thought. I decided to see if I couldn't make up an explanation and put it into a story. My projects at the time consisted mostly - other than two novels I was waiting to rewrite - of short story after short story. I had done about fourteen in six months, and was ready for some kind of break.

So I set myself the goal that I would sit down, write a novella using the experience of seeing the dirty, muttering paper-clutcher as a jumping-off point, and release it as quickly as possible. Two months later, 'Critical Incident' was on Kindle.

I don't wish to spoil anything for you, if you haven't read 'Critical Incident' yet. I just hope what I came up with in the book is by far not what the guy was actually doing.

Critical Incident Book Trailer

During composition, I quickly realized that this suspense novella was the first in a series of three crime thrillers. The next installment will be released near New Year's Day in December 2012.

The release of my new novel, 'Through the Woods,' is only one week away from today. This is the third of my 'paranormal cat' books, though the others are not currently available. It is also a prequel to those other two books, so you can probably expect to see updated re-releases of the older feline works in the next twelvemonth.

One question I get asked a lot is 'What exactly is a paranormal cat book?'

It's supernatural thrills, otherworldly scares, and yarn-unravelling horrors all in one sci-fi tinged telekinetic tome, is what it is. It's the story of one young intern's first week at his new job on a top secret government facility, and the unlikely things that the US citizenry's tax dollars are going to research.

It's a situation in which secrets are unleashed, fangs are sharpened, and a few rodents valiantly give their lives for the greater good. It's a book unlike anything you've seen, even if you've read the two other books in the same series.

Like cats? Good for you: there's a pretty good cat in this book. Hate cats? Good for you! There's a few creepy ones, including one truly awful one. Don't much care for cats? Good for you! There's plenty of humans!

Don't much care for humans? Poor thing!

Stay tuned in the coming week as we go 'in-depth' into a pit. Next week, we'll try to crawl out!


  1. Hey ! its my first time here will i really liked the titles and the ideas of your book ! who knows it might be one of my book club selection :)

  2. That would be really cool! As far as I know, I've never had a book be part of a book club reading. :) Thanks for stopping by and for being interested in my stuff! :)

  3. Troy ..I had to stop by..simce."you had me at #ff"..congrats on your launch your up coming projects and new title..hugz..

  4. Troy ..I had to stop by..simce."you had me at #ff"..congrats on your launch your up coming projects and new title..hugz..

  5. Troy ..I had to stop by..simce."you had me at #ff"..congrats on your launch your up coming projects and new title..hugz..