Saturday, October 20, 2012

'Critical Incident' Sequel is 'Emergent Pattern' - Coming 2012

Important(ish) Announcement:

The sequel to 'Critical Incident' (US Link / UK Link), and the second in the trilogy that 'Critical Incident' began, is entitled 'Emergent Pattern.' It will release on Kindle and Paperback during the final week of 2012.

This title was correctly guessed in a contest out of a sea of possible two word titles by: 'Jody M.,' Teresa Bucci, Sara Karle, & 'Tamra,' in chronological order of correct responses.

These people will get their names (in whatever form they want, mind you) listed in the 'Thank You' section to 'Emergent Pattern.'

In the meantime, keep counting down the days (SIX!!!) until the release of my paranormal thriller Through the Woods on Kindle and Paperback, along with the paperback release of 'Critical Incident.'

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