Monday, October 1, 2012

Contest Winner, Book Update, New Story Now Published Online in Epiphany Magazine

We've got a full batch of updates for you today, so one at a time, starting with the announcement with the highest caloric value.

BOOK THAT contest entrant Guy Medley has slain the competition - he not only answered all the questions correctly (one of only two entrants to do so), he randomly won the drawing that choose his name as the pizza recipient. Excellent showing by an awesome fellow!

Second update is of a less edible, more readable kind.

"10/26/12" - This is the release date of my next novel, THROUGH THE WOODS. It's a mysterious, action-packed paranormal adventure about a litter of decidedly unusual cats, a shadowy government agency, innocent bystanders, and lots and lots of fangs.

More on that as the month wears on.

Finally, my short story 'Seeing the World for Pennies a Day' is now live in Epiphany Magazine's 16th issue. Check it out at this link right here.

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