Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Story 'Whalesong' to Appear in October Issue of Inkspill Magazine

I just received word that my short story 'Whalesong' will appear in the October issue of 'Inkspill Magazine.' This is obviously very thrilling news!

Also in October, my story 'Seeing the World for Pennies a Day' will be up on Epiphany Magazine. In the Fall, my story 'A Day in the Life of an Endless Night Spent Under Deathworld in the Time After the Cataclysm' will appear in 'character i.'

Previously released stories from this year include 'The Days of a Driveling Instruction Are Departing' from the April/May/June 2012 issue of 'The Storyteller,' and 'Now for the Sunbeams' in the Spring 2012 issue of 'The Avalon Literary Review.'

I have a lot more stories making the rounds so hopefully I can continue to provide news such as this in the near future!


  1. My, you have been busy lately haven't you? Such an abundance of writing - I think maybe you run a feline sweat shop with those poor kitties hammering away at the keyboard all hours of the night when they should be watching nonexistent things through the windows. Come visit my website and give me your thoughts on inspiration. Or send one of your cats.