Friday, September 14, 2012

New Monthly Feature Incoming!

A new monthly feature - monthly for as long as I can keep it going, at least - starts next week: 'Thoughts from Actual People,' where I use text to interview someone digitally, and then post the results. Not just any 'someones,' but people who are actually successful and good at what they do.

People who are far, far more awesome than myself: hence the title of the feature.

It promises to be exciting, and with the first two months filled and my hopeful interviewee for the third month currently engaged in high-stakes 'negotiations' that might fall through at any moment, it will be as exciting to try to perpetuate as it will be to conduct and share!

Stepping slightly outside my comfort zone in terms of writing, but part of my skill set when it comes to getting all excited about talking to cool people.

To end this post, I will begin the tradition that will haunt this monthly 'column' until it can find no other interviewee: the riddle-y hint about the upcoming guest(s).

Let's just say: you wouldn't score above average if you rejected our first month's guests.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a cool feature. Of course, I must counter with my own monthly column: "Thoughts from fake people."