Sunday, August 12, 2012

Things You Can Do to Help 'Critical Incident' - and a Special Announcement

Since that, obviously, is your goal.

The first thing to do to show support and read the new novella is to stop by either the US Amazon or UK Amazon store (or that of your own country) and pick up the Kindle exclusive. Amazon Prime members can borrow the book at no cost to themselves.

What would really help me is if people could vote in agreement with the tags to the book, click 'like' on the top of the product page, and - once they have read the book - if they give it a quick review. Hopefully with a decent rating. If you thought the book sucked, I hope you don't feel pressured to spend any of your time rating it... but if you liked it and don't give it a good rating, science suggests that ill dental health is the next step in an ever-worsening sequence of cascading symptoms ending in a bitter old age of disappointment at what could have been.

Don't let that happen!

Other ways to help include tweeting or facebook-posting your purchase afterwards, marking positive reviews as helpful, adding the book as 'to read' or 'currently reading' on Goodreads, and forcing your friends - at knife point - to buy dozens of copies and write thousands of graffiti-commercials for 'Critical Incident' on all the most visible surfaces of every city in the country.

Thanks again, everybody! I'm really excited about this first Kindle exclusive story launch, and I can't wait for Halloween when I do it all over again...

With the third and final cat novel - the paranormal prequel 'THROUGH THE WOODS' - the full story of Leviticus and Deinonychus, coming Halloween 2012. Laboratories, government agencies, mechanical animals, and a litter of strange cats straight out of a fever-fueled delirium.

'THROUGH THE WOODS' - the third and final novel in the series containing 'UNDER THE WALL' and the Kindle and Nook thriller 'OUT THE DOOR' - a feline prequel living in the corner where science and the supernatural meet.

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