Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Story News: Get Sequel, 'Out the Door' While You Can

My upcoming novel 'Through the Woods' was written between November 2011 and March 2012. I haven't really looked at it much since. The rewriting process will be heavily involved but the book will be ready far before its release. The cover reveal will be on the First of October, starting the Halloween countdown which will have one blog-exclusive short story of the shorter variety each week, along with videos and inane stuff each day.

Halloween is a pretty freaking awesome time, and I know that my friend Anthony J. Rapino loves this time of just as much as my wife and I do if not more - and last year, she and I spent the end of September and the whole month of October turning our basement into a haunted house for a party! That should show you Rapino's commitment to the season. I would recommend his debut short story collection 'Welcome to Moon Hill' as the perfect read for the time when late September is leading to October, and Halloween approaches. It captures the season beautifully while also being a collection of chilling, thrilling, or otherwise fulfilling stories.

Leading up to Halloween, which is the day I stupidly chose to launch my new novel, we will be having all sorts of cool stuff, including me being more willing to discuss the content of the book, 'Through the Woods.'

Let's just say that meow. Okay? Meow, meow, meow!

On that note, please be advised that the sequel to 'Through the Woods' (that's right, the new book is a prequel to two books you aren't going to be able to read) - 'Out the Door' - a book I wrote a couple years back now and that isn't up to my current snuff, will be coming off-line on September 15th. So if you want to see what happens to one of the cats in Through the Woods after the end of that story, please get Out the Door now while you can. It's a full novel for only .99 cents.

Just don't hold it against me!

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