Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Explosive, Non-Poetic Update

Since my last post, I've written about four new stories and sent all but one of them out to make the rounds. Since April 1st, when I last updated, I have received 8 rejections. I have 47 different submissions currently up for consideration.

I need to get a title going for the story I finished Monday, give it a polish, and send it out into the world. I send my submissions to about 6 concurrent publications, so unless I get several rejections in the next two days, I'll be back above the fifty mark for my submitted tales.

The two magazines containing my stories 'The Days of a Driveling Instruction are Departing' and 'Now for the Sunbeams' printed this week, and should be in mailboxes across the country in the next few days to a week. You can find out where to order and all that stuff at this link.

Book-wise, I've recently finished reading the new Dark Tower book 'The Wind Through the Keyhole,' which was amazing. I am wrapping up my Agatha Christie marathon and I started listening to the audiobook of Crichton's controversial 'State of Fear.' I'm up to 84 books read this year. As Stephen King says, it's important for a writer to read.

Anyway, best of luck, my hearties! Until next time.

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