Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Call Now - the Most Moving Song You've Never Heard

The Hetero Sapiens - Call Now

(c) 2008 by Troy Blackford

Why do you slice and dice at my soul?
Like a rotato of hate you won't let me go
Like a motorized weasel in my garden of love
You cultivate, loosen, aerate, and... stuff!

You make it easier for me to breathe
You filter out my infectious lies
With disinfectant steam

You're like fifteen high-value
That show you how to use Windows
With videos and things

You're like a Magic Bullet
Mixing up great drinks
You're like an acne medication
That works great, but stinks

But wait! There's more!
I just have to share:
You're like a sticky, stinging goo
That destroys my hair

Get a degree
On your own time from home
In criminal justice, interior design, or
Leave me alone

You're like a Foreman Grill
That cooks me flat
You're three easy payments
And that ain't bad

If you call now
And tell me you care
We'll throw this plastic spatula
And sponge both in there

Call now
Or I'll cry all night
We accept visa, mastercard, and
Treatin' me right

The number is up
Upon your screen
The writing is up on the wall

Please don't wait
Act now, don't stall
I think you're great babe
You'll get a great value if you call

1 comment:

  1. "You're like a Foreman Grill
    That cooks me flat"

    Ha! Awesome. I cried a puddle of garlic-scented banana cream listening to that song.