Saturday, January 21, 2012

Does This Hold True for Editing, as Well?

When we remove 'the boring bits' from a book, following Elmore Leonard's advice to 'leave out the parts readers skip,' where does all that dross go? Possibly into terrible books. But that would be a waste of a learning experience for all of us.

Where it should go, dear reader, is into the backs of our minds, reminding us in the future exactly what boring looks like, so we will know it when we see it, spot before we type it, and eliminate it before our minds wrap around it as an option.

So if you, by some unhappy chance, have picked up a book consisting only of excisable bits, do give yourself permission to chuck it in a northeasterly direction as soon as you have given up all hope.

Back to the grind! Words and deeds to be entwined! Off I go, to my glowing screen: until the next time, my pretty things!


  1. You do know now, when I edit, I will paste all the boring bits into a word document for later publication under the name, "Stephanie Meyers."

  2. That's BRILLIANT! :) Admittedly, I haven't been following up on her career (or know much about it) but it seems that she could use a new novel - even a book made out of all your sucky bits would be better than one made of her best.