Tuesday, August 2, 2011

These Sure Aren't Revitalizing Times, Soul-Wise

     “These are the times that try men’s souls,” he said, rather importantly.

     “How would you know? Lived through lots of other times, have ya?”

     He frowned at me. “Surely those who came before would have mentioned if those were the times that tried men’s souls.’

     I laughed. “You think they didn’t? You were just too busy whining yourself to bother noticing what a horrible time everybody before now had. By all accounts, it was really quite awful.”

     He looked at me, hoping to see some outward sign I was joking. After a moment, his jaw began to tremble. “But I thought those were the Golden Days?” he asked tremulously.

     I began to laugh: a hard, pitiless sound. “Aye,” I said, around my laughter. “Aye, that they were. And they sucked to high heaven. So guess what that makes now?”

     He frowned and I laughed and a bug landed in his ear and he jumped and screamed like a little girl.

     I laughed again.


  1. Nice. It seems rather pertinent too, in light of the goings on the hill. I wonder what the bug could represent...


  2. It represents the prevalence of insects on this world and how most people (myself included) don't want one in their ear. Also, trade reform. :)