Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Conceptual Premise

I have been missing my two cats quite a bit today, and the day has barely begun. I look forward to a time where I can have a more cat-intensive working space - a pleasant daydream that won't ever become a reality if I spend all my free time dreaming about petting my cats, so onward with this.

It is now exactly two weeks until my new short story collection 'A Sudden Outburst of Cosmic Duck' is released. I have spent a large amount of time lately going over it, and I think anyone who enjoyed 'Under the Wall' will be pleasantly surprised. And anyone who hated or didn't read 'Under the Wall' will automatically have to read this, and they will love it. Or else.

As a preview, I will let you know that in our horizon we have tales of one-legged women, exploding firetrucks, overly helpful turtles, disenfranchised taxpayers, extremely irritable drug dealers, emotionally vulnerable speech-tournament coaches, confused IT specialists, secret island getaways, homeless vagabonds, ominous birdfeeders, promiscuous college students, frustrated unpublished authors, internet prank shows, disturbed pedestrians, unhappy millionaires, startled aliens, incredibly devout atheists, pneumatic construction tools, eighth-grade computer hackers, and the greasy marks of deceased birds.

'A Sudden Outburst of Cosmic Duck' will be available on September 29th, 2010 - and will be the least normal thing about that day.

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