Saturday, July 31, 2010

Woo! First Review of Under the Wall!

This review by Angela Kay-Soap Box in My Mind book reviewer ma'am, is the very first review of my first novel Under the Wall. I'm very proud. Thanks for taking the time to review my book, Angela! I know I could use less words to say the same things, by not using so many words for one thing. I'm sorry Angela. The review though, I appreciate it! Thanks! I promise not to use so many words, so thanks a lot! :) LOL :)


  1. yay! maybe now more people will give it a try :)

    Yes some parts were wordy, but not boring. I've read stuff that was REALLY wordy and I got bored reading it, but not your book. =D

  2. yeah, I never said it was at all boring! Just a bit know, too many words when I got the point already? LOL But then again, not everyone is as quick as I am at getting things, so maybe all the extra words were needed to really get it into people's heads!

    Okay, but really, I said I appreciated the details as it made the story stronger...and it did. =0)

  3. You're super nice for clarifying, by which I simply mean that I appreciate you taking the time to make sure your point was clearly understood by your reading audience. You see, having your audience understand what you mean is important - which is to say that getting one's meaning across can mean a great deal to one's audience, if done properly. The way to properly do this is by clearly getting one's point across.

    LOL ;) You are such a funny bunny! LOL