Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Petty, Petty, PETTY!

Yes, I'm a petty bastard! It says right up there at the top that part of the purpose of this blog is to vent about the things that piss me off so I don't bug my fiancée with them later.

Today we will look at just how petty I can be.

Non-Video Game Geeks: Please Skip to Next Bolded Heading for Explanation

I saw an awesome article on GoNintendo today. That's a site ran by the very cool Kevin Cassidy and 'staffed' by a ragtag bunch of folk, some of whom use Kevin's traffic and site as a means to bolster their resumes without caring what happens to their friend's site (which is a shame as these freeloaders are much less invested being as they are entry-level office workers, while Kevin runs the site himself and it is his sole source of income). It is basically a news aggregator of all things Nintendo made special by the fact that Kevin is an upstanding, sweet guy with a big heart.

This is the story that is bugging me, and boy is the reason why petty.

If you think hearing me bitch about something of no consequence in an entitled way is going to damage your opinion of me, please stop reading now. I can't afford for any more people to not like me.

But the problem is this: these 'video game aficionados' on the site seem to be full of a lot of wind but don't care about actual new info. The article centers around the upcoming 3DS version of 'Super Street Fighter IV.' So far so good.

The thing to remember is that very little is known about the 3DS, and we just learned a doozy in this article: the network capabilities of the 3DS enabled all the online play of the HD versions of SSF4 to be carried over to the hand-held, including player communication. That's right, the devs at Capcom revealed that the 3DS has network capabilities on par with XBL and PSN, something video game geeks have been bitching about wanting on Nintendo platforms since the internet was invented...

And nobody in the comments cares.... nobody mentions... they are arguing about if it is stupid not to have ported it to the Wii, how profitable the Resident Evil series was in its one DS entry (they are talking about these things like they know things, but then another points out something and it becomes obvious they know very little about anything).

I just wonder why they spend all day 'commenting' on video game sites if they never actually seem to realize the exciting news they are commenting on. If they are really so interested, why not be excited about the breaking news that will change the way they play video games on the go? Because they just like to split up into groups and fight...

I bet they can split into groups online and fight each other in a game on the brand new Nintendo 3DS... if only I had some way of TELLING them!

Non-Video Game Translation of Events

So you 'normies' can understand why this is offensive to geeks, imagine the following scenario. There is a site that collects info on everything pertaining to Stephen King's work. (A fake one, of course there are real ones!) Let's call this site StayStephen. The person who runs StayStephen rules: a dedicated fan who tirelessly works all day to provide Stephen King-ites with the info they crave.

One day, I click over to the site and see an article in which Stephen King reveals that he is writing a book in which Pennywise returns! Oh my! Frothing at the mouth with excitement, I click to the comments to share the victory of the moment with fellow fans and find... none of them noticed.

'My what a red cover this book has!' on person writes, to which another responds:
"I hardly think it's red, it looks more mauve to me."
"Ha! Red cover aside, I am excited to find out what font this book will be in."
"Fonts? No book will ever be in a font again, don't you read the news?"

Wouldn't your head explode? That's what happened to me today.


  1. Let's play a game and see how long after the original post it can be without anybody noticing the entire point of the article. They have several hours of 'dumb time' under their belt already.

  2. Ahhhh...your non video game translation explains it perfectly. Yes. My head would explode.

  3. I'm glad that illustration helped - I know what its like to be on the outside of a geekdom. :) I am not sure why this bothered me. One person actually mentioned this, near the bottom at this point. Hilarious... because he has come right out and said this and still nobody has responded to him or noticed, but written several multi-paragraph long arguments to each other about nothing.

  4. I think your blog is too brown. You should spiff it up and make it more yellow with smiles and kittens.

    I hate it when people comment on things that don't matter and miss the big news. I'm not much of a gamer on handhelds, so I don't follow the releases, but that is really big news. I had no idea they could give the players that much connectivity. Wow. Now they can compete with iPhones and iPods... *ducking*

  5. No need to duck for that opinion here! :) I'm not against iPods per se but I'm don't have any and I see the argument of them being expensive beyond technical explanation.